Monday, April 30, 2012

Rustic distressed furniture: Reclaimed wood diy ideas!

Distressed wood furniture has a distinct charm and old world elegance. It fits in great even in boho decor, or modern contemporary interiors. Add a gorgeous piece of distressed wood furniture to elevate your home decor while adding character!

Inspiration for this post came from my previous post on Rustic decor ideas. Rustic pieces of furniture have an earthy flavor and can be integrated in so many ways! Look for instructions to create your own distressed look without breaking the bank. You will love the addition!

Love the edgy rawness this cabinet brings to the hallway. An unusual sea green color, and simple clean lines. Absolutely elegant and so pleasing to eyes!

Look for distressed, antique furniture or even rescue broken down pieces and get crafty. Here a vintage rustic door is used as headboard. Even in the high end decor the headboard adds so much character!

French Provencal decor in pretty white and pink! A simple cottage style, the chairs in worn down wood looks so fabulous. Perfect setting for an evening tea :c)

Distressed, worn furniture can look amazing even in kid's room. Lust after this antique sledge bed! The whole setup is so charming and comfortable. Love love!!

Rescue weathered fences and prop them as headboard! A very simple project and the result is stunning. Great for those working within budget. Gray and yellow colors look amazing too!

Use distressed wooden planks for your attic. Even with absolutely bare walls, it looks gorgeous! Aged wood adds so much character to this sky lit, sleek space! Perfect for a get together with friends.

Understated elegance in ivory and hint of brown! So unique and amazing carved furniture. The weathered look is so unusual, yet perfectly fits in this decor. Inspiring!

Quaint cottage setting! The distressed wood coffee table is a bit of a surprise. The shape and texture is rich in charm and elegance. Delicate pastel colors makes this living room a summer oasis.

Wonderful mix of iron and wood for a unique side table! Industrial chic at its exotic best. The color combination is so fun and spunky! Good choice for young adults and will be perfect for lofts.

An old rescued window adds to the charm in the simple bright window seat. The muted colors and fresh feel is so inviting. Perfect reading corner, I want :-)


Kathy said...

I just discovered your beautiful blog and got lost in it, in fact. As a a painter, your beautiful images provide so much scope for my imagination. I do hope to see more of your wonderful ideas soon!

Laurel Stephens said...

I found your blog through Pinterest and am in heaven. I love your taste, your look, and your style. Thanks for the inspiration! I'll be back often!

KJB520 said...

Actually I would love to find the turquoise quilt with the scalloped edges in the picture with the rustic door headboard. I can't find it anywhere. Thanks

william luke said...

All the pictures are looking good and surely this work is done by designers and art is reflecting from every picture. No words to describe that how beautiful is that.

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sketlyn MICHEAL said...

Nice one! I like the outfit of the characters. Wish i could do the same thing too but im not that techie.i like the outfit of “from farmer to warden”.. really interesting green home construction

thomas said...

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Cherrie Hub said...

fantastic post, I love the idea of making a headboard out of old door, it looks amazing :)

Joseph Marie said...

Really I would love to discover the turquoise quilt with the scalloped edges in the picture with the natural entryway headboard. I can't discover it anyplace. Much appreciated

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Lucy gray said...

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